Bio-Sensor Integration

Industries we serve

We have projects targeted to Athletic Training and Fitness, Neuro-Marketing and User Interface Analysis, User Experience Research, Neuro-Feedback and Bio-Feedback as well as Serious Gaming and Mental Training.

Ergonomics and BCI Development

Approach & Expertise

Most of our projects begin with an existing practice or an in-depth literature review. We then analyze your needs and define an action plan on the types of studies that will answer your requirements.

Advanced EEG & Eye Tracking Tools

Advanced Tools Development

Our Researchers will work closely with you following a DIY approach to bring a more complete understanding on the components that build your solution. We develop prototypes, Design Intergation and make your solution ready for Manufacturing.

Multi-Modality Data Synchornization

Multimodal Data Synchronization

To better serve your needs, we offer Bespoke signal processing and Multi-Platform Adaptive solutions, our data analysis and consultancy packages use tools you prefere or off-the shelf analysis tools to Synchronize data from different sensors and produce high quality reports.

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